There are many effluent treatment plant company in india those are provide the plant at best range but we have top 5 those are way head from other company. Here we present the list of top 5 effluent treatment plant company in india.

Netsol Water:

Netsol Water is pleased to introduce itself as a leading water treatment company in India, with projects and services in the fields of WTP plant manufacturing, WWTP plant manufacturing, ETP plant manufacturing, and STP plant manufacturing, as well as Energy Management, Automation Solutions, Asset Management, and Waste Management. It is a one-stop utility partner for both industrial and commercial customers, supporting them in increasing resource productivity and bottom lines while also conserving the environment. Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plant, and Industrial RO Water Plants are some of the cutting-edge technologies we offer, increasing the life of water from 5 KLD to 100MLD.

Netsol Water provide various and advanced technologies for sewage treatments such as:

Activated Sludge System:

The Activated Sludge Process (ASP) is a wastewater treatment method in which air or oxygen is breathed into raw, unsettled sewage in order to shatter the solids and create a biological “soup” that digests the sewage’s organic content and contaminants.

Aerated Lagoon:

Aerated lagoons are deep waste stabilisation ponds where sewage is aerated with mechanical aerators to stabilise the organic matter in the sewage rather than depending solely on photosynthetic oxygen provided by algae.

API Oil Water Separator:

The API oil-water separator is a gravity-based gravity separation device that uses Stokes Law to determine the rise velocity of oil droplets depending on density and size.

Bio Filter:

Biofiltration is a pollution control method that involves trapping and biologically degrading pollutants in a bioreactor containing live material. Processing waste water, trapping toxic chemicals or silt from surface runoff, and micro-biotic oxidation of pollutants in the air are all common applications.

Water Softening:

The elimination of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations from hard water is known as water softening. Because soap is not squandered associating with calcium ions in soft water, less soap is required for the same cleaning effort.

Application of Netsol’s Effluent Treatment Plants:
  • Food & beverages,
  • metals & mining,
  • textiles,
  • paper,
  • sugar,
  • dyeing,
  • hotels,
  • automobiles, and
  • pharmaceuticals 
Urban STP Plant:

Urban STP Plant clients let us know how they benefit from our total water the executives frameworks. Its is long stretches of mastery and are personally interwoven with its hardware arrangements, testing, and observing, investigation, and suggested remedial activities. It is devoted to functional arrangements that prod business development and all the while save the world’s most valuable asset – WATER.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
Thermax India:

Thermax, one of India’s largest water treatment firms, is a well-known waste water solution supplier including effluent treatment and sewage treatment to industry and municipal corporations. With over 25 years of expertise in the area, Thermax provides a comprehensive variety of technical water treatment solutions to all industry domains, including paper, chemical, energy, power, and the health sector. Thermax provides a comprehensive selection of environmentally friendly cooling and heating solutions to assist enterprises in optimizing their energy consumption.The company provides such technologies for waste water treatment:

  • Bio Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis
Commercial RO Plant:

We are a globally recognized manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Commercial & Industrial RO Plants in India as well as the Delhi / NCR region. Our best quality RO plants to our clients are now completed over two decades. The journey of being a leading manufacturer and supplier start in 2000 with Netsol Group. Commercial RO Plant, which is a globally recognized and leading waste and wastewater treatment plant manufacturer in India & Globally.

  • STP Plant
  • ETP Plant
  • Commercial RO plant
Water Treatment Plants:

We are the Water treatment plants (A Unit of Netsol Group & Research), the best solution provider of waste and wastewater treatment. From its establishment in the year 2012, we are one of the most trusted partners for waste management solutions. And integrated service providers of design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services. With our years of expertise, we are the leading service provider for solutions, testing, and monitoring, analysis, and recommended corrective actions in the field of waste and wastewater solutions.

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant

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