Are you looking for a water treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi-Noida, India? Our planet is covered with 72% water but 97%of that water is salty and unfit for drinking. As a result, there is a severe scarcity of water on Earth.

Water is not only used for drinking but it is also required for many other tasks. In these types of tasks, we waste a lot of water. A water treatment plant is a process that converts impure water into soft and human-usable water that can be used for either short-term or long-term purposes, in the water cycle.

Netsol Water’s state- of- art installations give the space to manufacture, assemble and test a large WTP plant & commercial RO plant, constructed to ISO 9001 norms. We encourage our customers to visit as the plant is being constructed to carry out testing and training. We carry out as important stoner acceptance testing as possible on point, so that installation is as straightforward as possible.

Water Treatment Plant Capabilities include

  • Wet test and welding installations
  • Full plant acceptance testing
  • Training areas
  • client viewing platforms
  • A large distribution area, holding a large range of consumable stock particulars
  • Factory storehouse

We’ll also house entire mobile containerized systems on point, whilst shops are being constructed, and we have the capacity to run several large systems contemporaneously.
Guests drink the peace of mind that comes from being suitable to see a comprehensive 3D model, followed by real-time monitoring of the factory being erected.

The Netsol Water installation platoon is able and educated in water technology and process filtration.

We’re proud of our installation masterminds and our platoon boasts some of the most educated specialist water process masterminds in the assiduity. Our expert masterminds use tried and tested systems to design smart, adaptable, and flexible systems. They’re well rehearsed in installing large-scale bespoke systems seamlessly with technology, and with minimum impact on live operations.

Care is taken to cleave to the original design and agreed with the result, and full commissioning and driver training takes place before our masterminds leave the point.

Our customer is pleased with Netsol’s approach to working on this problem, pressing that
“ We wanted to achieve a water-saving rate of 65 and the system delivers 75, which far exceeds customer prospects. But not only are we saving water, but we’re also saving on our heating charges as the energy uprooted by the heat exchanger is being used to toast the incoming and recycled water demanded by the blanching process. The system is helping us to achieve our high sustainability targets. We want to have as little impact as possible on the terrain girding our granges and processing plants, and saving water is an important element in this. ”