100 KLD STP Plant

Product Specification

Capacity (KLD) 100 KLD
Feed Flow Rate(m3/day) 51-100 m3/day
Water Pump Power 0.5 KW
Installation Type Containerized Plug & Play
Usage/Application SEWAGE TREATMENT
Application Industry Chemical
Industry Chemical
Secondary Treatment Technology Mixed Bed Bio Reactor(MBBR)
Automation Grade Automatic
Impurities To Be Removed Dissolved Minerals, TDS, Turbidity
Deliver Type PAN India
Material Of Construction Mild Steel
Warranty 1 Year
I Deal In New Only
Treatment Stages Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment
Air Blower Count 2 Blowers
Air Blower Power 0.4 KW
Control Module Available
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 01



Compact STP Plant to satisfy the requests of the ventures as well as our significant clients, we produce and supply 100 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant that is created at our exceptional assembling unit utilizing premium quality unrefined components and the most complex advances. All Normal Sewage Treatment Plants are tried by our quality evaluators to guarantee the faultlessness of the items.

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Modern sewage treatment plants and administrations guarantee that a business’ wastewater is treated in a climate cordial and effective way. These offices are utilized to treat wastewater produced by ventures, organizations, and different designs. A scope of cycles can be utilized to treat the wastewater including physical, substance, and natural techniques, with a final product of treated water that can be reused or delivered into the climate.

The 100 KLD STP Plant is utilized in the metropolitan wastewater treatment plant, which assumes a significant part in the stream water quality. A modern sewage treatment plant is the key piece of modern wastewater treatment, which can really take care of the issues of pollution and Wastewater.
An ordinary modern sewage treatment plant comprises a settling tank, coarseness chambers where weighty particles are eliminated by unique machines, clarifiers to discard waste, and different sorts of slop and afterward release the gushing.

Modern wastewater treatment covers the systems and cycles used to treat waters that have been debased here and there by anthropogenic modern or business exercises preceding its delivery into the climate or its re-use.

Most enterprises produce some wet waste albeit ongoing patterns in the created world have been to limit such creation or reuse such waste inside the creation cycle. Notwithstanding, numerous businesses stay reliant upon processes that produce wastewater.

In essential treatment, strong particles are isolated from sewage which settles at the lower part of the essential tank. The essential settlement tank eliminates 30% of the slop.

In auxiliary treatment, vigorous cycles occur where microorganisms and microscopic organisms digest the poisons as gushing is very much treated and further goes through tertiary treatment process where nitrogen is first oxidized to nitrates and afterward to gaseous petrol delivered into the climate.

Phosphorus is eliminated by synthetic precipitation. After that last smell of water is improved and the last and last course of bright radiation happens.

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